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Selling Hoovers in Mojave



Selling Hoovers in Mojave’ is Rosa’s eerbetoon aan Don van Vliet, alias Captain Beefheart. Rosa verkent zijn muziek, vertaalt het en laat zich inspireren met nieuwe muziek en arrangementen. Hans Dagelet zingt, rapt, schreeuwt en speelt trompet.

released May 1, 2005


music by Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, Daniel Cross and Floris van Bergeijk
lyrics by Captain Beefheart
Arranged by Floris van Bergeijk, Daniel Cross and Rosa Ensemble
translations by Daniel Cross and Alex Peterhans

The lyrics of Boterheide (Bothering Heights) and Boe (Boo) are excerpts of the Anton Corbijn film Some YoYo Stuff. Boe (Boo) is based on music by Eric de Clercq, Floris van Bergeijk and Rosa.
Live recordings: Enschede, Middelburg, Nijmegen, Utrecht, The Hague, The Netherlands, september 2004. Engineer: Mathijn den Duijf
Studio recordings: De Bonte Koe, Utrecht and Studio Afrit 8 february 2005. Engineer: Alex Geurink
Produced by Daniel Cross and Floris van Bergeijk
Mixing by Alex Geurink
Sleeve design by RAAK Ontwerp

Painting by Jaap Hillenius (courtesy of the Hillenius Family)
“Painted desert” (1976) – Jaap Hillenius(1934-1999) ‘He drove to the desert, stopped in the middle of nowhere, got out of his car and walked off into the night carrying only an easel, palette, brushes and a canvas, He kept moving until the only thing left to see was desert. He closed his eyes. The movement his eyes made when he opened them again, the trajectory they followed, feeling a way through space, through light, this movement is what is captured in the painting. Hillenius painted light – the motion of light, the memory of light.’